Nomad provides a range of services across the entire social risk management spectrum, and for all key stages in the project development cycle.

Resettlement Action Plans

Nomad’s core expertise is in the preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP). These plans are required where a private or public development results in the physical or economic displacement of individuals, families or groups of people. Our RAPs are prepared to conform with international best practice requirements as is often required by our private clients or by project financiers.

Resettlement Oversight

Nomad provides the needed resources, skills and expertise for the oversight of resettlement implementation by private and public developers. Implementation is a complex process requiring keen skills in understanding politics, perceptions and agendas while also having the technical skills in planning, data management, community engagement and negotiation.

Resettlement Policy Frameworks

Nomad is able to prepare Resettlement Policy Frameworks (RPF) as precursor documents to a more detailed Resettlement Action Plans. These policy frameworks are often prepared early in the project planning process, and they function as a guideline to resettlement planning and execution.

Technical Assistance

Nomad provides technical assistance to major development projects, including being part of project management units or functioning as an external quality assurance specialist. This has allowed Nomad to provide ongoing support to clients throughout the planning and implementation of resettlement plans as social management programmes.

Resettlement Due Diligences / Auditing

Nomad provide social due diligence and auditing services, with special focus on resettlement. Due Diligence is generally used to investigate the social performance of a Project prior to acquisition and is generally a voluntary requirement. Auditing in turn is used to assess the social performance of Project against regulatory requirements or Project commitments.

Social and Resettlement Training

Nomad supports a range of conferences, workshops and training programmes with particular focus on social management and resettlement in developing countries in the context of international good practice standards (notably the IFC Performance Standards).

Livelihood Restoration Plans

Nomad is able to prepare Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRPs) for Project that results in economic displacement. These plans establish specific measures for compensation and livelihoods restoration to be adopted to ensure that people’s lives are not irrevocably disrupted by major development projects. Our LRPs are prepared to conform with international best practice requirements as is often required by our private clients or by project financiers.

Social Impact Assessments and Social Management Plans

Nomad has extensive experience in the preparation of Social Impact Assessments (SIAs) and Social Management Plans (SMPs) for major development projects across multiple industry sectors. The intent of these studies is to determine the social consequences, both positive and negative, of a planned project, plan, programme or policy and establish measures to avoid or reduce negative impacts while also promoting social benefits.

Resettlement Monitoring and Evaluation

Nomad undertakes regular monitoring and evaluation studies for a range of Clients. Social monitoring is critical to tracks socio-economic trends and changes over time, and to determine which changes are attributed to specific Projects. This allows the evaluation of Project interventions and mitigation measures.

Social Baseline Data Collection and Management

Nomad specialises in the collection of socio-economic baseline data for SIA, RAP and Project management plans. This includes the preparation and administration of household census surveys and undertaking qualitative focus group meetings and one-on-one interviews. Baseline data is stored on a fully customisable Access database, or online database system.

Stakeholder / Community Management

Nomad provides advisory support to private developers and public organisations in terms of stakeholder and community management. At the core of this support is the principle that effective and thoughtful management allows the building of positive relations between a project, stakeholder and surrounding communities.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is fundamentally integrated into all studies undertaken by Nomad – notably in the preparation and implementation of RAPs. Engagement and collaboration often leads to improved decision-making, greater project buy-in and a smoother implementation programme.